Oomancy: Egg Divination

Oomancy is divination using eggs.

Oomancy is divination using eggs.

Oomancy is the art of egg divination, and though yes Ostara has come and gone egg divination is something one can perform throughout any time of the year. It’s simple, easy and effective.


What you will need:

  • An egg
  • A bowl or cup
  • Water
  • A candle

You may wish to cast a Circle, either way one should cleanse the space (a simple technique is using water and salt) so that no unwanted energies interfere with your divination. Set up your space, fill the bowl with water, light your candle which is used to give you needed energy, and with the egg run it along your body. At this time you may wish to think hard on the question you have, or if you don’t have any try to leave your mind blank. Let the egg absorb your energy, let the egg become you.

You may wish to invoke any Gods or spirits you see fit, chant or say your prayers asking these allies to help you with your work.

Crack the egg on the bowl and carefully drop the egg in the water. Set the shells aside.

From here try to interpret the patterns and omens you see as the egg white of the egg rises to the surface and forms shapes. Mark down these shapes, patterns and omens.

If the egg shell is broken in various places and they too make various patterns and omens you can use it as a divinational tool. Generally speaking the top half of the egg represents those positive things that will help you along your journey. The bottom half of the egg usually represents the negative things that might hinder your journey. You can read the egg shells as they are, or you may wish to use the candle light to cast shadows on a blank wall and interpret shadow omens appropriately.



What you will need:

  • At least 6 eggs
  • At least six dyes (green, red, blue, yellow, purple, and leave one egg white)
  • A basket or something similar to hold the eggs

You want to dye your eggs, there are various ways this can be done and there are many all season companies where you can get dye specifically for eggs, or you may wish to try you hand at dye the eggs using natural dyes from plants. This information can be found online and within books. I generally tend to have my eggs bowled before hand as the dyes I use tend be used in still cool water where the eggs are steeped for a few hours to get the dye color necessary.

Dye your eggs appropriately, leave one white.

You may wish to perform this divination on a Wednesday or a Sunday.

Place the eggs in your basket, or something similar.

This divination isn’t meant for questions, it’s meant for a general quick reading to what may be approaching your future with the course you’re currently on. As such clear your mind, ground and release, close your eggs and ask the Gods and spirits to guide your hand to an egg. Draw an egg. The color you have picked determines what lessons you may need to learn, what may be coming into your life, things to watch out or work on etc.

white–sometimes this is interpreted as foggy, as if at this time the future cannot be divined. Otherwise consider this egg a blessings coming your way.
Purple–this egg represents inner truths and matters of your spirituality.
Yellow–yellow represents your personal power, your ability to adapt and career.
Red–red represents your love life, your passions and your creativity.
Blue–blue represents your friendships, your family and your relationships.
Green–green represents your materialistic world, the things you own, your finances and your career.

After you’ve concluded which egg you drew, break up the shell and peel it. You may use the shells as they are or use a light to cast shadows on the wall to get further omens and impresions to get a more detailed reading. Lastly, you may wish to open the egg itself. If you have difficulties opening the egg to get to the center, that means there will be a struggle, if you find that things come quickly and you get to the center this is interpreted as things will move smoothly. The heart of the matter is the egg yolk itself that should be a ball. If it’s flawless all is well and will end well, if it’s broken, roughed or smooched, it’s usually interpreted as a warning.

Now time for the best part, eat your egg.

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